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Neurosensory Specialist
BARE Workout Instructor 

As a Neurosensory Specialist I know how to safely, effectively and specifically integrate my understanding of the nervous system and how sensory stimulation shapes motor output! Body perception and movement accuracy will enhance athletic performance and reduce falls. 

BARE workouts combine barefoot science, balance training, and bodyweight movement into an intelligent training session. 


Our feet are our body’s foundation. We will integrate the foot with the body in functional positions, improving posture and balance health.  


Each session integrates foot strengthening, foot to core sequence, body tension, and brain training through the nervous system. Anyone can benefit from brain training. The more stable and functional you are, the better balance you have. You will get the benefit of muscular and sensory, making it an even more effective training session. 

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Balance is a necessary skill at any age. 


Every movement requires balance. Balance is fundamental to all movement-athletic performance to healthy aging. 


Balance, fall prevention, and body awareness training are key concepts for the baby boomer. You need to train your balance to keep your ability sharp to prevent falls and maintain your independence. 


Balance is uniquely personal, and I can create a personalized balance training program to help you progress safely and carefully. With a personalized plan, you will make the best gains.   


Balance exercises will train and strengthen your neuromuscular system, which increases stability, which improves with regular practice.


Give yourself the gift of balance training and improved performance, preventing falling and injuries.

Our Training Sessions


Our training sessions will enhance your optimal functioning levels and improve confidence and quality of life by optimizing movement. 

I value your health and well-being, creating valuable, relevant, and fresh strategies and inspiration for movement. 

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