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Congratulations, you’re having a baby!


As the little one is growing inside, learn safe and healthy solutions through every stage of pregnancy. You will learn to respect the process of every stage, knowing when to increase or decrease the demand while exercising. 


As you go through your pregnancy, your bodies go through significant changes, more pressure and strain that affect your core and pelvic floor. 


You will gain body awareness about posture, breathing, and functioning pelvic floor tips with proper education. Moving and breathing can be very beneficial and therapeutic, especially during pregnancy. 


Exercises that can make pregnancy more comfortable, delivery a little easier, and postpartum recovery faster.


I will build a training plan that feels safe and satisfying while the baby is growing.  


Prevention and early intervention will minimize future neck, shoulder, hip, and back pain. Helping to prevent pelvic floor issues leaking and prolapse, and diastasis recti. 


You can exercise safely, stay strong, have peace of mind during this fantastic time in your life! Your body will be different after the baby, but committing to move throughout pregnancy will contribute to a quick recovery.




While caring for a baby, it is essential to care for mama. 


Helping new moms by caring for their pelvic floor, core, and back after delivery. 


Following birth, many women have poor form, muscle recruitment patterns, and breathing systems. 


The first step is to restore the breathing system while giving the connective tissue in your core and pelvic floor time to heal. Lifting, running too soon, or too much will override the soft tissue causing pelvic floor dysfunction (leaking, tightness, or prolapse) and diastasis recti, back, or hip pain.


Exercise is an opportunity to integrate and collectively work the diaphragm, core, pelvic floor muscles together, bringing balance postpartum and keeping you anchored and dry.


The earlier moms start their recovery process after birth, the better. You will learn how to build progressive strategies to improve performance when exercising or day-to-day mom life.  

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