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Meet Carol 



A true Her Well story! 


Founder of Her Well  

Personal Trainer/ Health & Wellness Coach


I am using my unique talents and passion for influencing and propelling others in a creative process to maximize their personal and professional potential.

"A little bit of edge and a whole lot of heart” has defined my style. I am very energetic and creative in my approach to making women more vigorous, healthier, and prosperous! I have an encouraging style, am uniquely different, and live with purpose. 


I enjoy the lake life, dancing, learning, traveling, cheering, and loving my children and grandchildren. 


Most of all grateful to God, who has empowered me to live an overcoming life! 




With over 15 years of experience in the health and wellness field and extensive training, my goal is to bring cutting-edge solutions and evidence-based training.


Carol will develop neurosensory, barefoot, pregnancy and postpartum, cancer,  balance, and performance exercise programs specific to your body. 



Movement brings more life for Her!

Movement is worthwhile.  

Say yes to exercise! 



That means that every woman has the power to improve their health and well-being.  Women can be strong, bold, and valued. 


I value your health and well-being, creating valuable, relevant, and fresh strategies and inspiration for women’s health. 

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Neurosensory Specialist Certification

Evidence-Based Fitness Academy (EBFA)

Dr. Emily Splichal 


Balance Specialist Certification

Instructor Dr. Katharine Forth 


BARE Workout Instructor Certification, Evidence-Based Fitness Academy (EBFA)

Dr. Emily Splichal 


Pregnancy & Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist Certification (PPCES)

Instructor Dr. Sarah E. Duvall 


Cancer Exercise Specialist Advanced Qualification (CES), Cancer Exercise Training Institute 


Certificate Health Promotion & Worksite Wellness

University of Southern Indiana 


Certified Health and Wellness Coach

Wellcoaches Corporation


Certified Fitness Trainer (CFT), International Sports Sciences Association 

Movement & Exercise Professional 

Vision: Her Well



Her Well, A brand I dreamed of, is coming to life. 

Welcome to a fantastic opportunity for Her!


Mission: Raise the standard of care for Her by creating valuable, relevant, and fresh strategies and inspiration, bringing body awareness, education, and advocacy. 


Her Well is a unique and new personal training and online studio with a strong focus on providing evidence-based exercise programs to Her in a positive, supportive, and private atmosphere.  


Carol is creating specialized programs and individual sessions to improve your performance. Every woman is different, which requires a personalized exercise plan for success. The future is personalization in health & well-being. 


The key is meeting Her body where it is.


You will understand how to integrate feet, deep breathing, pelvic floor, core, and brain as a stability team when exercising. You will learn how to manage/regulate pressure in your core and pelvic floor while exercising to restore your central stability system. 


Programs that will propel you forward, bringing more life and possibilities that positively impact your life. 


Success is when we have successfully dealt with the spiritual, mental, and physical.  Our bodies usually reflect how we feel.  


Give yourself every opportunity to succeed in life!   






Carol can offer you innovative, comprehensive exercise programs giving you great cueing tips when exercising to improve your performance.  


You deserve better health, and every day you are creating your future. 


Movement is an essential piece of your health, well-being, and performance. 


By investing in yourself with professional support and meaningful solutions, you can reclaim your body and confidence.  


Carol will help you reach your goals by creating specialized programs, answering your questions, and guiding you through the plan. 


Carol aims to build an experience that empowers you on this new journey together with Her Well with high-quality information.


Excited you have chosen Her Well to succeed!


To make an appointment with Carol, please email: or call 515-446-7763

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